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Print Pricing Guide

This page is the general pricing I use for photo prints of my photos. Please note that the pricing listed here is just a general estimate of the price I charge. I only sell prints to customers in the United States. I may charge more or less than what is estimated here depending on the photo, at my own discretion. There are some photos I am not legally allowed to sell a print of. If that is the case, I may have to reject your request to purchase a print. To purchase a print of a photo, please contact me using this link. I process payments via a PayPal invoice.

I use Printique by Adorama for prints, therefore the pricing of my prints will be based off of their print pricing. You can request another print lab if you wish. If you want prints on t-shirts, mugs, postcards, phone cases, candles, etc... I can try to make it happen as long as you provide me with a store or lab that offers those customizations. Please do not ask me to use Costco Photo Center for metal or acrylic prints as I will reject your request. Costco Photo Center has horrible quality control on their metal and acrylic prints (I've had personal experience with the metal prints).

The general formula I use for calculating a price is by adding together the following:

20x-40x the total cost of the print (using the print lab's non-promotional/non-discounted price)

shipping fees


The prices for Printique can be found on their website here.

Example Calculation:

Let's say the print lab charges me $100 for a 20"x30" metal print. The estimated price I charge will be $2000 to $4000 plus shipping fees and tax.

Now you have a general idea of the pricing model I use, to purchase a print of a photo, please contact me using this linkI process payments via a PayPal invoice.

If you think the prices I charge are very expensive, please remember photography is very expensive and so is art. Camera equipment is expensive, travel is expensive, outdoor recreational equipment is expensive. I spend a lot of time processing the photos after taking them, and I have to pay software subscriptions, web space fees, and storage devices for storing my photos in. You're also paying for my artistic vision. All these costs are factored into the pricing model. 

Please do not steal my photos and make a print yourself. If you do, you're stealing money from a disabled photographer who's been dealing with vision problems since the end of 2018. I enforce copyright. Please do not steal my photos for personal and/or commercial use. Please purchase or negotiate a use license with me.

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