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Missing Equipment

Over time, all photographers loose some equipment or gets equipment stolen. Here is a list of equipment that belongs to me but is missing. While I don't hold much hope in finding them, if you do find one, please contact me with the information on this page.

Nitecore EC4S 2150 Lumen Flashlight

Serial Number: 5092183990196

Product Link: Nitecore Product Page

Last Seen: Somewhere in Pleasanton, CA. Possibly at Hansen Park or sidewalk of Hopyard Road between Golden Road and Black Avenue. 

Description: Flashlight missing with wrist strap, 2x Nitecore NL189 3400mAh 18650 batteries, and NWB10 Window Breaker (installed on back). Possibly dropped and lost on one of my walks at night. There will be dents on the front bezel and heat sink fins (on the side) from drops.

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