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About the Photographer

Hi, my name is Sunny. I am currently a visually impaired photographer living in California. My hobbies, interests, and specialties are photography, travel, hiking, computer science, astronomy, and astrophysics. I am a fast learner and surprisingly well at self learning. I love the great outdoors and nature, and most of my photos are of that, however I will sometimes photograph in the the city too. I've been taking photos since I was young, mostly as a coping mechanism for PTSD and depression. Around 2008 was when I first started taking photography seriously and things just went from there.

I suffer from visual snow syndrome and migraines, with visual snow syndrome being the main culprit for my vision loss. Visual snow syndrome is a new diagnosis that I got in 2019, however the condition has been affecting me severely since August of 2018. Both conditions are neurological so the amount of vision loss and vision impairment varies a bit day to day. Unfortunately, the 2 conditions do impair my vision and cut into my ability to take and process photos. I've made attempts to readapt within the limitations of my disability. I am still doing photography at a decreased capacity. The people around (especially my mom) me help me when I need it, I also sometimes use mobility aids to help me get around, and I use accessibility software on my computer. 

Besides as a coping mechanism for PTSD and depression, the other reason I started photography was because I want to share beautiful landscapes and wildlife pictures with people, and I love the artistic process of working on photos. I wanted to share the beauty of nature through my eyes with everyone. I guess who really inspired me was my friend Jeffrey C.. On one of my more depressive days, my friend said to me me, "I want you to take a look outside tomorrow morning and see how wonderful this world is." So I did the next day, and I said to myself, it is wonderful, why not share it with the world? To people that can't travel this far to come see the beauty! Hopefully the beauty of nature can help cheer up someone else's life just like it did with mine. So that is the other reason why I started photography and my blog! At the beginning, I didn't sell prints of my photos, however over time people wanted to buy prints and asked if I can do photo shoots, so over time I started selling prints and offering licensing for my photos. I don't make a profit though as my parents and I have invested more into my photography than what I make back from sales. I mostly do this for fun and as a hobby. I do pursue copyright infringement, so please don't steal my work and use it commercially. You are always welcome to share a link to my website and blog.

Why call it Naturetastic Photography?

As I have mentioned, I love the great outdoors. I love photographing nature and wildlife. I wanted to call my photography something related to this. I came up with a list of names I thought of, and began looking for a domain name that was available. It happens that Naturetastic was one of the first ones on my list and the domain "naturetastic.com" was not taken and was not a premium domain. I decided I would take on that name and call my photography Naturetastic Photography.

The idea of the name Naturetastic comes from the word "Nature" and "Fantastic". I believe nature is fantastic, therefore created the word "Naturetastic". I also felt that the "new word" had a pretty good ring to it, and so did my friends, so I ended up settling on this name.

Can I help out your photography?

I am not currently looking to hire anyone for my photography, but that does not mean I don't want help! I know a lot of people is going to start calling me unprofessional for putting this here, but I'm still going to write this anyways. I am disabled right now and supported by my parents. Most of my photography equipment is paid for by my parents, but I wish to be able to pay for some of it myself and recoup some of the operating costs. I don't make a profit, photography is very expensive, and I do this mostly for fun. If you understand what I'm talking about and want to help me out, there are a few ways you can and not all of them involves spending money. 

1. Like my portfolio? Looking to make one yourself? If you sign up using my link, Smugmug will give me $10 for referring in a new user and you will get yourself a nice $5 discount. 

2. Portfolio not your thing? No problem. Love a photo you see on my portfolio? Why not take a print home and hang it up on your wall? You can purchase prints of most of the photos on this portfolio. If you wish to do this, just email the email with the "Contact" link on the left sidebar.

3. Are you in the San Francisco Bay Area and need a photographer for a photo shoot? Please send me the details of what you are looking for and I'll see if I'm able to perform. Please note I am visually impaired since August 2018, so if I feel I am unable to do the requested task, I may have to reject. If you wish to do this, just email the email with the "Contact" link on the left sidebar.

4. Not looking for prints or a photo shoot? You can help me by shopping on Amazon! That is right. Who doesn't shop on Amazon these days. I participate in the Amazon Associates Program. Amazon will pay me a small commission for all qualifying purchases made within 24 hours by the person who clicked the link. Just make sure you do this before adding anything to your cart. Here is the link.

5. If spending money isn't your thing, there is another way you can help me. Follow me on social media and help spread the word of my website! You are always welcome to share a link to my website and blog. You can find my social media links on the left side bar, or in my contact page (link also in left side bar). 

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