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Macro of Spider. This spider was already crippled when I caught it (it wasn't going to live long as it was already limping), however during the photography progress, I did accidentally rip off one more leg. I've handled bugs and insects for photos many times in the past and this has never happened. Bugs and insects I took photos before were all released back into the wild alive and unharmed. The photographer behind Naturetastic Photography do not condone insect/bug/animal/wildlife cruelty. This was a rare occurrence, and the spider was still released back into the wild alive (possibly as bird food now). I would like to reiterate that this spider was already crippled when I found it. Even if I did not take photos of it, it would have most likely ended up in a bird's belly either way (there are a lot of birds outside of my house). I most likely managed to prolong its life for about an hour as I did these shots. I am by no means happy I accidentally ripped two legs off of this thing. I felt bad for it.

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