Death Valley NP 2012 - Naturetastic Photography
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I want to tell you my experience that night with a potential UFO sighting! Yes a UFO sighting, and no I am not lying. Death Valley National Park is known for its UFO sightings. So here is what happened. This image was taken when I saw the UFO. Here is what happened. I saw a great view and told my dad to stop. I set up my camera and tripod and some calculations told me the photo will take 3.5 minutes (I went 3 minutes 39 seconds just to be on the safe side). So I started the exposure and I noticed the stars were coming out so I looked around and tried to see if I can spot any constellations. When I looked up, I noticed that a few "stars" were moving faster than what stars normally move at, plus they were moving in the opposite direction of what other stars are moving! The thought of an airplane did occur, but those star were not flashing, very bright, and well moving not as fast as an airplane. Before I knew it, one of the "stars" changed direction moving in a triangular formation and then I noticed a few other "bright stars" near it started moving awkwardly too. I thought I must be sleepy and my eyes were playing tricks on me so I called my mom out. She looked for a while and told me she sees the awkward movements too... So after a minute when I called my dad out, the "stars" were in a very different arrangement from when I first saw them, but they all stopped moving. Then it was about 3 minutes. I let the exposure run another 40 seconds and I was like I'm getting out of here! Those alien abduction documentaries I watched on TV before started popping up in my head and I totally freaked out... Now I kind of wish I boosted the ISO and took a shot in the general direction but back then I was so freaked out I left. The UFO wasn't in my camera's frame for the long exposure BTW. Kind of regret it now, but anyways, this is my story.

Artist Drive. Death Valley National Park

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From 2nd Day (Rhyolite, Golden Canyon, Badwater, Artist Drive)